What Is Mold and Why Is it Dangerous?

When most people think of mold, they imagine the sandwich they once left in their lunch box for a few days too long that formed a sticky green coating. However, the truth is that mold spores aren’t limited to food products, and they can be found throughout almost every home and public space. But what exactly is mold, why does it grow in our homes—and why is it considered to be dangerous to both the integrity of the home and human health?

Mold is a type of microorganism called a fungus that forms colonies and filaments when the right conditions and temperature are met. Mold spores are very lightweight and can be easily carried from place to place by the wind, by sticking to pet hair or clothing, or through water. There are hundreds of different kinds of mold, and many species of mold are beneficial to humans. For example, the antibiotic penicillin is made using contained strains of the penicillium mold, and koji molds are a key ingredient in the fermentation of soy sauce and soybean paste, two common ingredients in many Asian dishes.

Unfortunately, some strains of mold can hurt humans and animals when their spores are inhaled. When mold is able to take root and form a colony in your home, hundreds of thousands of spores may become airborne, leading to inhalation and illness. Some of the most common types of mold-related illnesses include asthma, rashes, chronic sinus infections, cystic fibrosis, and immune deficiencies. Black mold spores can even cause serious illnesses and even death in very young children, the elderly, and those living with compromised immune systems.

Because mold spores are so lightweight, it’s difficult to completely remove mold once it’s taken root. Taking preventative steps to create an environment that’s nonconductive to mold growth is much less labor-intensive than removing mold afterward. Maintaining a dry attic and consulting with basement waterproofing contractors in Chester County are two ways you can prevent mold in your home.

Rightway Waterproofing provides mold remediation services and basement waterproofing in Montgomery County that can help protect your family from mold. Give our team a call today at 866-741-6190 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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-John and Barbara Vicich

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“The day after Hurricane Irene, all of my neighbors basements were filled with water, while mine remained dry! It is wonderful, everything remains dry and the battery backup worked beautifully when my power was out for 2 days. Dry AND quiet, thank you, thank you! Thanks! Debbie, Berwyn”

-Debbie, Berwyn

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