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by Mark Francia on Blank Business Name

After 20+ years of personally trying to fix my basement water problems, I finally gave up and called in a professional and couldn't have picked a better company. After the 4+ inches of rain last weekend, I am happy to report our basement and crawl space are completely dry! I was very impressed from the first time I met with the owner and all the time he took to diagnose the problems and come up with a complete solution. His expertise and honesty made this major decision an easy one to make. His crew did an excellent job and kept our basement and outside grounds cleared of debris.

by Paul J. Tresca on Blank Business Name

We had our French draining and sump-pump system for two years and for the first time since we moved into our home ( 16 years ago ) we can sleep at night during a rain storm ! Right Way was reasonably priced,on time and had friendly and knowledgeable workers. Any questions,to this day, have always been answered promptly .I have and will continue to recommend Right Way to anyone with a water problem.The best sleeping pill I have ever used !

by John C on Blank Business Name

The guys at Rightway did a fantastic job of resolving a minor water issue coming into my basement. These folks are courteous, prompt, and reliable. I am so very happy that I chose a company that stands behind their work and is willing to help when needed. Thanks guys!!!

by Sandi D'Amato on Blank Business Name

We called Al at Rightway Waterproofing after a wet Fall left our finished basement in two-three inches of water. We had a waterproofing system put in some years before but it was not doing the job, and this was the third time water had come in through the floors! Al showed us how the underground pipes were not connected from one room to the next! It had been done incorrectly, would always allow water in and had to be ripped up. Al and his men put in new underground pipes, new sump pumps and it was all done smoothly, with no damage to our main floor. They were so respectful of our living space! Since then, over five years ago now, Al has come out immediately when pumps failed and replaced them free of charge because of the five-year warranty. He and his team still respond quickly when I think there may be a problem! The whole team is so easy,p rofessional and pleasant to deal with and so responsive. If you have a water problem, Rightway does everything Right!!! They are the best!!!

by Pete T on Blank Business Name

Right Way waterproofed our basement. The work involved installing a French drain of approximately 150 feet around the foundation along with two sump pits. The job was completed in a clean and timely manner by a courteous crew. Our experience working with Right Way has been very positive and we’re grateful that there was no “high-powered” salesmanship involved; just a solid job well done. I highly recommend them.

by Stacy Shubach on Blank Business Name

We were very pleased with the professionalism of those who placed our french drain and sump pump. They were always accessible when needed and went above and beyond the call of duty. We highly recommend using this company! Thank you.

by Jeremy Shubach on Blank Business Name

My wife and I were very pleased with the professionalism and dedication of those who placed both our french drain and sump pump. They were accessible when needed and consistently addressed any and all concerns. We highly recommend using their company in the event you need waterproofing and/or mold remediation.

by Tony G. on Blank Business Name

Had half our basementwas  done in Fall of 2010 at a fair price.  Work was done quickly and professionally.  Hurricane Sandy hit at the end of October and the system handled all the water.  Dry Basement during a hurricane - YAY!! Just recently had a freak rainstorm here in spring of 2014 and system was overwhelmed and water came in on the other half of basement . Al the owner came out to asses the situation and gave some great tips but in realizing the unique nature of the storm said that there was no need to do the rest of the basement that the present system was enough but wouldn't be able to handle freak storms of that nature.  I was very grateful for his tips, recommendations and his honesty.  I was also grateful that we did put the system in 2010 because it did handle that freak storm very well - it kept alot of water out - maybe not all of it but it did keep alot out - that I do know !!  I would highly recommend this company !!  Thanks, Al !! 

by John and Barbara Vicich on Blank Business Name

We wanted to thank you for your personal and specialized attention to the water problem we had in our basement. You took the time to inspect the whole situation and gave us recommendations, all of which worked. We were very comfortable with the price you quoted us. We had been quoted lower, and higher prices, but were not at ease wit the salesmen. You had a way of explaining the process and materials that would be used in a way that we understood.[Click to read full Testimonial...] We are very pleased with the work that was done and would highly recommend your company to anyone that needs waterproofing for their home.

I’d highly recommend these guys for your basement. My basement has been dry since they installed a sump pump and French drain in June. They offer a competitive price, they get the job done quickly and they stand by their work. Please mention my name if you proceed down the road with these guys.

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