Mold Remediation Services in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

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Chances are, if you’re getting water into your NJ, PA or DE home, you have mold or will soon enough. Our mold removal services will free your home of mold buildup in Bucks County and New Jersey.

Mold is a living bacteria which pollutes the air with millions of different micro toxins. Like with any allergen, some people may have adverse reactions to mold, and some may not even know it’s there. There are many different types of mold that can develop depending on environment and temperature.

While there are ways to try and prevent mold from forming (dehumidifiers, ventilation, etc), there is no guarantee mold will not continue to breed and develop, since it is a living organism. Some molds can be fatal to certain people while certain molds, penicillium being the most common, can actually be used to treat infections (i.e. penicillin).

If you’ve ever been to a hospital, they always ask you if you are allergic to penicillin- for good reason. Once in your immune system, certain molds can have a hazardous, and sometimes deadly, effect on your body.

Have Mold on Drywall or in Basement?

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The Deadliest of Moldmold removal services new jersey
Mold can be visible or invisible (usually invisible) which makes it so hard to diagnose. Out of all the deadly molds, stachybotrys is the one to be worried about the most. This mold is usually very black and bold in appearance, and has a pungent odor to it. This mold is often found lurking in basements that take on a lot of water or moisture.

Remember, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Many people try to clean mold themselves by using household bleach. This is a critical mistake! Bleach, when dried out, can develop into a food source for mold! Call the professional mold removal company for expert services to get it done the Rightway!

Expert Mold Remediation by Rightway
Rightway Waterproofing will NEVER recommend that anyone attempt to eradicate mold in their home by themselves. Whenever the mold habitat is disturbed, there is an explosion of millions of mold spores in the air, on your clothes, etc. These mold spores can easily cross contaminate other areas of your New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware home, and in some cases even infect others around you.

There are many techniques used for remediating mold, but the golden rule is for our removal services is containment!

Before our company undertakes any mold remediation job, we make sure our mold removal teams are in masks and Tyvek suits (in extreme cases). Before remediation, the moldy environment MUST be fully contained before the remediation can begin.

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We cannot risk cross contaminating any areas of your NJ, PA or DE house, potentially endangering you and your family. Our mold remediation teams are extremely careful and take pride in their care for handling hazardous mold situations.

If you see or suspect mold or mildew in your home, give our company a call for a Free, No Obligation, In Home Consultation for services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware! We will diagnose the problem and determine what can be done to remediate the issue to protect the integrity of your NJ, PA or DE home and your family’s safety.237689F5-C741-432D-8381-FD79F496D6DC-small