Rightway Waterproofing Provides “Wooder” Proofing for Philadelphians

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

Hello, Philly! Whether you pronounce it “wah-ter” or “wooder,” water is something that can be both vital and detrimental. If you combine wood and water you get wooder, but those are two things that should not be combined in your home. While doctors recommend we consume about eight glasses of H2O per day, no doctor will recommend mold (which is caused when water infiltrates your walls, floors [wood], and basement ceilings).


When we like water:

  • After a long day of work.
  • With a meal.
  • On a fishing trip.
  • At the neighborhood pool.
  • On the beach.


When we dislike water:

  • Leaks.
  • Mold.
  • Tsunamis.



We prefer to help you prevent disasters instead of responding to them. However, we are more than qualified to do both if need be. We always put our customers first, and your family’s safety is priority number one. When the weather gets rainy and cold, be careful and stay away from mold.

Rightway Waterproofing can assist with all of your mold remediation needs. After all, we’ve been doing things the right way for over 27 years. We are known for our basement repair services in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and all of the neighboring communities.

Have you ever went down in your basement for some ping pong or XBox and felt a damp spot or two on the carpet? Does your cellar’s ceiling look spotty and wet? Don’t ignore warning signs! Nip your problem in the bud.

Don’t spend your Saturdays and Sundays panicking about a damp basement. You should be focused on your standard weekend activities like taking the kids to soccer, watching football, attending religious services, dining out, walking the park and anything else you prefer.

We offer free estimates to make sure you know exactly what you need and how much time and money to invest in fixing up your basement. If you want that finished basement you’ve been dreaming of but are unsure if it’s within your budget, let us know. We will put together a custom quote to map out every step and help turn your dream into reality.

We love what we do. We are a top basement waterproofing company in Philadelphia and Bucks County, and we also handle numerous basement waterproofing jobs in Montgomery County and Delaware County.

In conclusion: Philadelphians: Don’t let wooder (water + wood) ruin your basement. #ByeByeMold