How to Recover after Water Damage in Your Basement

There are some home repairs that tend to get put off forever. A squeaky door might stay in our house for months before getting oiled, and a clogged toilet or sink can stay for weeks before someone notices. One home repair that should never be put off is recovering after water damage in your basement.


Water can cause serious damage to your basement, as well as put the residents living inside your home in danger. If you’re currently recovering from a water damage in your basement, here are three steps that you need to take today to ensure the safety of your home and family.


  • Check for mold damage. Summer humidity plus water in your basement is the perfect recipe for mold growth in your attic. Mold can take root quickly, and cause health problems for your family members, especially children or those who suffer from allergies. If you notice any form of mold growth in your basement, call our team at Rightway Waterproofing Co. for mold removal in NJ as soon as possible because mold tends to spread quickly, this is one issue that just can’t wait.


  • Take inventory of water damage. One of the biggest hassles that may come along with water damage is what it could do to your belongings. While items like old documents and clothing can be thrown away if they are damaged, damage to wood and the flooring of your basement can be much more time consuming to fix. If you notice water damage to your items and flooring, call us for water damage cleanup in New Jersey to contain the damage and prevent it from spreading.


  • Turn off the electricity. If water is entering through a home in which there is wiring throughout the basement, you are putting yourself and your home at a serious risk of a fire, as water that enters your home can easily short-circuit. Until you are able to get the issue resolved, cut the power to your basement ASAP.


If you wish to learn more helpful tips about what to do when you get water damage in your basement, contact our team today!