Do You Need Mold Remediation? Check Out These Symptoms To Find Out.

With the winter months waning on the east coast, many homeowners are heading downstairs to unpack their warm weather clothes and box up their cold weather gear. However, some of them are going to notice a funny smell in their basements. Others might see spots on their walls, and even more will sense a dampness in the air. These signs are more than just the remnants of winter, though: They’re symptoms of mold growth.

Mold grows in places that are prone to moisture. Given how wet the last several months have been, it should come as no surprise if you experience the aforementioned symptoms when you head to the basement this spring. If you already have, you might need to hire one of the best mold removal companies in NJ. However, if you’re not sure, or if you’re just looking to educate yourself, read on to learn about the signs of mold growth.

Occupants’ Symptoms

Typically, a good indicator of a mold infestation can be found in the people who are living with it. Congestion in the sinuses, respiratory problems, and skin irritation are some of the symptoms. While each individual’s sensitivity to mold is different, exposure is never good, especially for young people. Some infants can develop asthma, and those who are allergic to mold could experience serious allergic side effects.

Home Symptoms

A pungent odor wafting through the air should be enough to make one call a mold remediation expert immediately. Regardless, a foul, damp smell is only one sign. If you take a look around the area you suspect has fallen prey to mold, take a look around for spotty patches of a dirt-looking substance. If you find something like that, don’t touch it! It’s not dirt — it’s a sprouting mold colony that will soon enough rule the space in which you’ve found it.

Treatment: Professional Assistance

Only qualified, experienced professionals should handle mold — especially black mold. A professional will investigate the space and ultimately make a diagnosis based on an assessment, during which several tests will be run. These tests will sample the air and the room’s surfaces and ultimately render a verdict.

If any of this sounds like you, or if you’re in need of black mold removal in NJ, don’t wait to pick up the phone and give us a call ASAP!