How Can Spring Mold Harm My Health?

Have you had any type of moisture in your basement, ever? Even years ago, before you bought the house, did the previous owner suffer a flood or a water break? Perhaps your bathroom always feels moist? Unless you have reached out to a waterproofing contractor in Chester County, you may have mold growing in your home. While mold might not seem like a big deal in your basement, the truth is that mold growth might be making you sick without even realizing it. 

We all breathe in spores all the time. We even consume some types of mold — if you like bleu cheese on your wings, you’re eating mold! However, when it comes to household mold, things can get a bit more dangerous. Mold can make its way into our lungs and leave them inflamed or even infected. Breathing in a single mold spore now and again typically will not do anything to someone with a strong immune system. However, if your immune system is weak, or you have mold growing inside your home, it can do a lot of damage.

Mold is able to do a lot of things to your body. First, it can make you cough. If you have any type of mold allergy, it could make your eyes itch and leave you exhausted. If you are exposed to a lot of mold, it could even make it hard to breathe. These symptoms are often worse in young children and the elderly. 

If you suspect there is any type of mold growing in your home, call Rightway Waterproofing and request a basement inspection in Philadelphia. Our team will tell you the truth about any mold lurking in your home — and we’ll help you take proactive steps to protect yourself and your family. Give us a call today to learn more or get started! 

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John and Barbara Vicich

“We wanted to thank you for your personal and specialized attention to the water problem we had in our basement. You took the time to inspect the whole situation and gave us recommendations, all of which worked. You had a way of explaining the process and materials that would be used in a way that we understood. We are very pleased with the work that was done and would highly recommend your company to anyone.”

-John and Barbara Vicich

Debbie, Berwyn

“The day after Hurricane Irene, all of my neighbors basements were filled with water, while mine remained dry! It is wonderful, everything remains dry and the battery backup worked beautifully when my power was out for 2 days. Dry AND quiet, thank you, thank you! Thanks! Debbie, Berwyn”

-Debbie, Berwyn

Doug Smith, Glenside

“All I have to say is that Hurricane Irene was no match for the job that Rightway did for my basement and my father-in-law’s. I had my basement done 5 years ago and we are still bone dry and my father-inlaw’s was done last year and another dry basement… Great job! I highly recommend them for waterproofing and mold remediation.”

-Doug Smith, Glenside


“I’d highly recommend these guys for your basement. My basement has been dry since they installed a sump pump and French drain in June. They offer a competitive price, they get the job done quickly and they stand by their work. Please mention my name if you proceed down the road with these guys.”


Angelo and Sandra Patiri

“We had our basement waterproofed with Rightway Waterproofing in 2007, after all this time and just getting through Hurricane Irene, we did not get a drop of water in our basement. Rightway Waterproofing did a very good job and we are very satisfied!”

-Angelo and Sandra Patiri