A Chance of Rain

As you can see by the above chart, the warmer it’s been in Philadelphia, the more rain we’ve gotten. Since January, the average low temperature per month has increased (duh), therefore, so has the amount of rain due to humidity (and when it’s above 32 degrees say bye-bye to snow, but you already knew that).

Anyway, what does this all mean? It means you will likely have to bring a poncho to the next Phillies game you attend (just in case.) Whether you are at the big game or your children’s chorus recital, you probably want peace of mind knowing that your basement isn’t flooding while you’re out of the home. Just over the bridge in the Garden State, families have turned to us (Rightway Waterproofing), the #1 waterproofing company in NJ, PA, and DE.

At first, an unnoticeable leak can seem harmless. Eventually, as more and more storms hit, the water drops accumulate one centimeter at a time. Finished basements feel the pain immediately. Rugs become damp, and mold rears its ugly head in little-by-little.

Mold is no joke. You don’t let random strangers crash in your basement, so why should you allow mold. After all, it is a living thing too. A bacteria that not only causes a foul odor and damages your valuable, but mold can cause serious illness to people and pets alike. The first thing you’ll probably do next is Google ‘mold removal companies in New Jersey.” No need. Rightway Waterproofing is the authority on mold remediation services in Jersey, Philly, and Delaware.

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Remember all those times your mom or dad warned you about going into the basement if it smells funny? It turns out it’s not an empty threat. The alias ‘Dirty Jersey’ isn’t an accurate one, and you can help end that stigma put implementing proactive mold prevention solutions.

This is how we became the go-to basement waterproofing contractor across NJ. We are like an umbrella for your underground.

If you have your waterproofing job done prior to July 1st (2016), we will take 10% off as an added bonus! Call us today to get a FREE estimate! [866-741-6190]