Aren’t All Basement Waterproofing Companies The Same?

Aren’t All Basement Waterproofing Companies The Same?

How easy is it, really, to choose the right basement waterproofing contractor? Aren’t they all the same?

Of course they’re not. And when you’re shopping around, try asking yourself a few questions about the contractors listed in the phone book:

Do they offer free and detailed estimates? Any basement waterproofing contractor worth his price will offer more than just a free estimate. He’ll come to your home and give you a detailed and itemized list of the kinds of work that his crew will need to do.

Are they listed in consumer guides? Check review sites like Yelp and Citysearch, as well as Angie’s List, a review website that specifically lists home contractors. What’s more, if your basement waterproofing contractor isn’t listed by the Better Business Bureau, keep looking.

Are they asking for a deposit? Some basement waterproofing contractors might ask for a small nominal fee just to make sure you’re serious about the project. But if they ask for more than 15 percent, don’t bother with them. It’s best to find someone who will only ask for about 10 percent.

Do they subcontract? A good basement waterproofing company — in fact, any quality contractor — won’t subcontract. It puts a communication barrier between you and the people in charge.

Do they have good references? Ideally, you shouldn’t have to ask for these. But your contractor should be able to provide several testimonials from satisfied customers upon request. Make sure you can confirm these independently — you want to make sure you’re not talking to a contractor’s cousin.

Do they try "hard sell" techniques? Basement waterproofing isn’t cheap, and getting any such work done is a big decision. Don’t let anyone use guilt or scare tactics to make you rush your choice. If you feel pressured by anyone, cross his name off your list.

Are they insured? If your basement waterproofing contractor isn’t fully bonded and insured, so that you won’t get stuck with a heavy bill if he damages your home or is injured on the job. No insurance? That’s a dealbreaker, ladies.

Do they have a plan? An experienced basement waterproofing contractor will have a working plan of attack for every project. Not every basement is the same, but many good contractors have developed a method of dealing with any problem, no matter how intractable it may seem. Ideally, part of that plan will be to visit the site afterward to make sure the job has held up. At Rightway, we have a ten-point plan for approaching each gig.