10 Point Basement Waterproofing Check-Up

Ten-Point Basement Waterproofing Check-Up

At Rightway Waterproofing, we don’t like to leave our customers in the lurch.

We know that a basement waterproofing job isn’t necessarily done just because the installation is over. It’s why we try to call all our new clients right after a big storm hits – to see if their new drainage system did the job. But we like to go even farther than that.

That’s why we offer our Ten-Point Basement Waterproofing Check-Up. Starting one year after we first install your new waterproofing system, we’ll come to your home and make sure that your new drain system is always working at 100%, 100% of the time. And we’ll do it every year for as long as you own your home.

If any item on our list isn’t in proper working order, we’ll repair or replace it at no cost to you.* ( We do not cover replacement batteries on backup units.)

Here’s what we do.

Remove Cleanouts.Cleanouts are pipes that lead from the drainage system to the surface of the ground. They provide access to the system. We’ll remove these to inspect them, and make sure your basement waterproofing system is working properly.

Flush Drain System, if it’s necessary to do so. We do this to clear the system of debris and make sure there are no blockages or major leaks.

Look at the System. We use the highest technology here – a fiber-optic camera snakes through your basement waterproofing system to determine if there are any leaks, cracks, or stress points.

Test the Pump. If you have a sump pump as part of your basement waterproofing system, we’ll perform a diagnostic check to make sure it’s in good working order.

Inspect Discharge Line. A sump pump isn’t very useful if the line leading away from your sump pit is clogged or frozen shut. We’ll make sure it’s clear.

Inspect Check Valve. All sump pumps have a check valve, which prevents water from flowing back into the pit when the pump shuts off. If the valve is broken, water will flow back and forth into the sump pit, causing the pump to turn on and off when it doesn’t need to. We’ll inspect your check valve to make sure it won’t let you down.

Desanitize the Sump Pit. This equalizes the chlorine levels in your sump pit, decreasing the buildup of chemicals that might make your basement waterproofing system less efficient.

Test Battery Backup Unit. Better safe than sorry – we like to make sure your battery backup will work if there’s a power outage. Since these often happen in conjunction with the heavy storms that force sump pumps to work overtime, it’s a good idea to have a working battery backup at all times.

Retreat All Unfinished Walls. We use Fosters 40/80 Disinfectant, an EPA-registered formula effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. In short: It’ll keep your walls clean and free of microscopic debris.

Vacuum the Basement Ceiling. We use a spot hepa-vac, one of the most powerful available, to clean your basement of debris. We only perform this service where it’s needed – in the unfinished sections of your basement.

To schedule your Ten-Point Basement Waterproofing Check-Up, call our office at 1-866-427-1727.

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