5 Common Causes of Basement Flooding

A basement wall shows signs of a previous flood.

Basements are the lowest point of a home, so they’re more prone to flooding problems than other areas. Many sewer and plumbing systems are located in basements, and because water naturally travels down due to gravity, there are a number of ways that a basement can flood. To prevent water damage, learn the five common causes of basement flooding.

Landscape Slopes

You might encounter a flooded basement if your home is positioned in a poor location. For example, the positioning of hills in the landscape can redirect water toward your home. These slopes can cause water from heavy rain and melting snow to flow directly at a home and flood basements. 

Additionally, if driveway pavement changes over time, the sloped shape can create similar problems. With this in mind, one aspect of basement waterproofing is reshaping your yard so that water flows away from the residence rather than towards it. 

Water From the Roof

One component of basement waterproofing you may not have considered is properly maintaining your roof. If the gutters on your home become clogged from debris, such as leaves or twigs, it can cause any excess water to seep into the soil and the foundation. Cleaning out leaves from blocked gutters can prevent this seepage from occurring, which should be done more at least once a year.

Further, it would be best if you kept an eye on the distance and pitch of downspouts. To safely discharge water away from home, downspouts should be roughly ten feet. Otherwise, the water can build up around your home’s foundation and seep into the basement.

Faulty Sealant

Sealants are a vital component of basement waterproofing, as they prevent water from leaking from the walls and floor. However, should waterproofing sealant be installed incorrectly during construction, flooding can happen as a result. Even if a home is adequately sealed, over time, sealants can crack. This means sealants should be checked periodically and resealed accordingly.

Sewer Issues

Backed-up sewers can also be the source of a flooded basement. If a sewer system is overwhelmed by a substantial amount of storm or wastewater, the excess can seep out of basement fixtures, such as a bathroom sink. Alternatively, a sewage backup can occur from a blocked sanitary lateral, which can occur if a tree root penetrates it.

Piping Problems

Several flooded basement problems can occur due to piping issues. For example, a hot water tank or water supply line can break and start leaking. The foundation drainage system can also erode over time, creating a water problem known as weeping tiles. 

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