2017 NFL Season First Half Evaluation

The first half the first season has just wrapped up. Between the surprises of the NFC East to the disappointment of the Patriots defense, the NFL season has continued to show again that every season is filled with a good dose of surprises and drama.


In this month’s blog, we’re going to evaluate the contenders, frauds and darkhorse teams of the first half of the 2017 NFL season.


Kansas City Chiefs – Legit


Andy Reid’s offensive mind has seemed to get better with time. Despite starting the season 5-0 and then dropping back-to-back games against the Steelers and Raiders, The Chiefs still hold on to a 29.5 PPG average. With Eric Berry missing the entire season with a ruptured Achilles, the Chiefs have looked good overcoming the loss of one of the best safeties in the game. Watch out for the Chiefs to make some noise come January.


New York Giants – Frauds


Despite being crowned one of the best teams in the entire NFC heading into the season, The New York Giants season is a complete dumpster fire. Even before Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall were shut down for the season, the Giants’ season got off to an utter disappointment.


After signing Brandon Marshall during free agency to partner young OBJ and Sterling Shepard, many pegged the Giants to have the scariest passing game the league has seen in a long time. However, what the Giants front office forgot is that good football teams are built from the ball to the outside out, not ball to the inside. The Giants entered the season with and still have arguably the worst offensive line in the entire league.


Pittsburgh Steelers – Contenders


Despite exiting the gate to a weak 3-2 record with embarrassing losses to Jacksonville and Chicago, the Steelers look like a team built for the playoffs. After focusing on getting Le’Veon Bell more involved in the offense, the Steelers look to have turned a corner. Over the past four games, Bell has racked up an impressive 662 all-purpose yards and finding the end zone three times.


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