Where Is All This Basement Moisture Coming From?

Where Is All This Basement Moisture Coming From?

A wet basement might seem like nothing more than a nuisance – a minor problem that you’ll have to get fixed someday, but for right now it’s fine to keep it on the back burner. But in your basement, moisture can build rapidly from a variety of sources, causing problems that are hard to see, but that have the potential to cause serious damage to your home and health.

Basement moisture is a problem, to be sure, but every potential cause has a solution. Some of the solutions are extremely simple, and some require a more expensive and complicated approach. Whatever the problem, seeking the counsel of a quality basement waterproofing contractor can help.

Here are some of the more common causes of basement moisture:


If you’re lucky, most of your basement moisture is simply a result of the fact that your basement is essentially a cold room surrounded on all sides by mud and dirt. If you’ve ever tried to hang clothes to dry in your basement, and moisture thwarted you, you’re aware of this possibility. A good way to find out if your basement moisture is the result of condensation is to tape a piece of aluminum foil to the wall, sealing it on all sides. After a few days, look at it again. If the outside of the foil is wet but the side facing the wall is dry, it’s a good bet your basement is more humid than it should be. A good dehumidifier can solve this problem easily.

Poor or Negative Grading

If the ground around your home slopes severely in one direction, or worse, your house is at the bottom of more than one slope, your basement is at greater risk of flooding or attracting moisture. You may be able to solve this by landscaping if the grade isn’t severe (or if you find a very creative landscaper). But ultimately this is a basement moisture problem, and a basement waterproofing contractor can advise you on a proper solution.

Poor Sub-Surface Drainage

If water is pooling around your foundation, it may cause leaks over time. Proper drainage of rainwater from your front and back yards can potentially solve a much more hazardous and costly problem down the line. A simple French drain or exterior gravity system – both are methods of carrying water away from your foundation – can solve this problem.

Defective Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters may be causing basement moisture by creating pools of water around your foundation, which can damage it over time. If your gutters don’t have downspouts that lead the water away from your foundation, it’s actually worse than having no gutters at all. Without downspouts, gutters can deposit water in just one spot, gradually digging a hole that fills against your foundation. As the water rests against the concrete, it causes cracks and weaknesses.

Poorly Designed Window Wells

Window wells are like drains, right next to the basement walls. A properly designed window well should direct water away from the foundation rather than toward it. If your window wells are poorly designed and causing excessive basement moisture, a good basement waterproofing company can redesign them to better divert rainwater.

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