Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing by Beyond Basements™

logo-beyond-basementsAt Rightway Waterproofing, we use the Beyond Basements™ basement finishing system because it’s the absolute best way to remodel your basement. More versatile than standard finishing solutions, and safer and longer-lasting than drywall, Beyond Basements™ is your path to a luxurious new downstairs.
Unlike most basement finishing systems, which simply tack treatments over the existing walls, Beyond Basements™ encloses your basement walls in straight, carefully measured fabric walls that contain no drywall and an r-value of 17.4 – the same as 14 sheets of strong plywood.

With Beyond Basements™, you’ll get walls that are plumb, parallel, and square to each other – just like upstairs.

Basement walls are notorious for being uneven. We use the Beyond Basements™ basement finishing system to address this problem with careful measurement and precise placement of new walls. Rather than nail new walls directly into the basement walls, we measure an even space between the old wall and the new one, then secure the frame for the new wall into your floor slab and ceiling joists. The result: Your uneven basement walls are enclosed in our new, insulated, drywall-free fabric walls. After the installation, your basement will stop looking like a cellar and start looking like a home.

What’s more, the Beyond Basements™ basement finishing system resists mold and mildew in ways that standard finishing systems can’t do. By withholding cellulose, black mold’s chief food source, Beyond Basements™ treatments make it all but impossible for new mold growth to begin. Combined with a Rightway basement waterproofing system, Beyond Basements™ is sure to keep your basement free of mold.

By now you might be thinking, “Fabric walls? Surely those aren’t as sturdy as drywall.” Think again.

OK, you might be able to damage a fabric wall by sticking a utility knife through it. But the Beyond Basements™ fabric wall system is flexible, and will resist dings, dents and scratches better than drywall. There’s nothing better for a children’s playroom.

The Beyond Basements™ system also provides excellent sound control properties, so it’s perfect for home theatre systems. Our walls provide a .90 Noise Reduction Coefficient and absorbs close to 95 percent of sound – meaning they’ll keep extraneous noise out, and prevent sound generated by your theater equipment from migrating to other parts of the house.

When we say we’ll finish your basement, we’re serious. We use the word “finish” with good reason: We’ll paint and stain your doors. We’ll finish the jambs around the window build-outs. We’ll putty and finish any soffit work. We’ll hook up your cable and phone lines. We’ll even cut your doors to make sure you can open them once carpeting is installed. It might take a little longer, but we don’t like to leave a finished basement unfinished.

The Beyond Basements™ fabric wall system offers a wide array of fabric and trim colors and styles, stretched into tracks in the wall to resist dents and dings. It’s safe to clean and to lean on. You can even hang pictures on it. And the Beyond Basements™ system has a 100 percent absolute guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, with full warranty coverage on all materials and labor.