Basement Waterproofing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is in the midst of a rapid upsurge in population, particularly in the southeast corner of the state. In the western suburbs of Philadelphia, the population has already reached two million, and population density is constantly on the rise. With such an influx of new residents comes new development, and homeowners in Pennsylvania should be wary of the adverse effects of any new construction on the landscape. Increased construction can lead to erosion of the landscape, which in turn affects how stormwater is drained away.

Rightway Waterproofing provides its top-flight basement waterproofing services throughout southeastern PA. We can come right to your home to offer an honest and fair estimate. We’ll never overstate the seriousness of your problem, or use strong-arm tactics to push you into a hasty decision. If you have a black mold problem or foundation cracks, or if you simply want to remodel your basement, we can help. Our years of basement waterproofing experience have taught us how to solve a broad range of problems, from window well repairs to mold remediation and more.

So call us today. We’ll help maintain your home’s value and make it a safer, more comfortable place to live. Click here for a better idea of the services we provide, or click here to schedule a meeting with us.

Pennsylvania: Fast Facts
Average Annual Rainfall: 3.4 inches
Population: 12,448,278
Land Area: 44,816.61 square miles
Number of Persons per Square Mile: 274
Number of Housing Units: 5,477,864
Percentage of Residents Who Own Homes: 71.3
Households: 4,777,003