Basement Waterproofing in Monmouth County, NJ

Monmouth County is home to Long Branch, one of America’s first seaside resorts. Visited by seven U.S. presidents, including James Garfield — who visited to recuperate after he was nearly assassinated — Monmouth is a coastal county, with sandy soil and plenty of groundwater. Basement waterproofing is particularly important in coastal areas, where hydrostatic pressure is particularly prevalent. Hydrostatic pressure can create cracks in a home’s foundation, which can allow water to infiltrate. In the wintertime, that water can freeze and expand, cracking the foundation even more. Over time, hydrostatic pressure can do considerable damage to a basement.

Right Way Waterproofing offers basement waterproofing services throughout New Jersey, northern Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania — so no matter where you live in Monmouth County, we’re able to offer a home visit and a free, honest estimate. And we won’t use strong-arm scare tactics to rush you into a quick decision. If your basement walls are leaking, you have a mold problem, or if you simply want to convert your basement into a more livable space, we can assist. Our basement waterproofing solutions include a wide array of issues, from window well repairs to indoor/outdoor drainage and more.

So call us today, to preserve your home’s value and make it a more comfortable place to live. Click here for a better idea of the services we provide, or click here to schedule a meeting with us.

Monmouth County: Fast Facts
Average High: 62 degrees
Average Low: 42 degrees
Average Annual Rainfall: 3.9 inches
Population: 642,448
Land Area: 471.94
Number of Persons per Square Mile: 1,303.6
Number of Housing Units: 255,211
Percentage of Residents Who Own Homes: 74.6
Households: 224,236