Basement Waterproofing in Essex County, NJ

New Jersey’s second most densely populated county, Essex County has a diverse spectrum of land-use types, with its urban eastern half and more suburban, affluent western half. It’s also home to three of the most important transportation centers in the eastern United States: Newark Liberty International Airport, Penn Station and Port Newark. Along with thousands of miles of state roads, interstate highways and local streets, this creates plenty of nonporous surfaces that prevent rainwater from seeping into the ground. This means the rainwater has to find a place to settle. Most often, this is in parks, medial strips… and private property. Basement waterproofing has never been so important.

Rightway Waterproofing provides basement waterproofing services throughout much of New Jersey — so no matter where in Essex County you live, we can visit you at home and offer a free and fair estimate. If you have leaky basement walls, a toxic mold problem, or you simply want to turn your basement into a more livable space, we can help. Our basement waterproofing solutions cover a wide scope of problems, from drainage issues to window well repairs and more.

So call us today, to preserve your home’s value and make it a safer place to live. Click here for a better idea of the services we provide, or click here to schedule an appointment with us.

Essex County: Fast Facts
Average High: 63 degrees
Average Low: 46 degrees
Average Annual Rainfall: 3.7 inches
Population: 770,675
Land Area: 126.27 square miles
Number of Persons per Square Mile: 6,298
Number of Housing Units: 311,179
Percentage of Residents Who Own Homes: 45.6
Households: 283,736