Five Wet Basement Solutions

Five Wet Basement Solutions

If you have a wet basement, solutions to the problem might seem elusive. No matter how much you mop, getting your basement dry seems like an unreachable task.

That’s why Rightway Waterproofing is here to help New Jersey homeowners. No matter how wet the basement, a solution is possible. We can install a drainage system, help plan a basement remodeling project, and get rid of any mold with our ultimate wet basement repair.

But you don’t want to hear a sales pitch. You have a wet basement. A solution is what you want, right? So let’s get to it.

Clean up to avoid puddles

Water collecting around the outside of your foundation, it can create hydrostatic pressure that can expand cracks and cause leaks. And puddles can come from a variety of sources: Rain gutters stuffed with leaves, poorly installed window wells, or dripping outdoor spigots can lead to puddles that eat away at your home’s foundation.

Turn on the dehumidifier

Basement moisture often comes from seepage, but it’s not unheard of for condensation to create a wet basement. If your New Jersey basement is wet, turning on a dehumidifier or two can prevent it from becoming a haven for black mold and other moisture-loving pests.

Create swales and berms

Depending on what the terrain surrounding your home looks like, your best solution may be landscaping for a wet basement repair. If your home sits in a depression or at the bottom of a hill, you may need a series of swales and berms — terms landscapers use to describe small hills and ditches — to divert rainwater from draining into your basement.

Install a French drain

A French drain is a shallow drainage system that draws water away from the outside of your home. Every French drain has a drainage ditch containing a pipe, surrounded by gravel, which perforates once it’s a reasonable distance from your home. The perforations allow drained water to escape gradually without pooling in one spot.

Dry your clothes outside

Many people dry their clothes in the basement, but doing so can increase the humidity of the whole area in your New Jersey home. Another thing that can increase basement humidity is running a clothes washer without venting it to the outside of your home. Be aware of these things when it’s time to do the laundry.

Rightway Waterproofing is the premier contracting firm offering wet basement solutions in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Whatever the basement waterproofing problem, we can provide a solution. And if basement waterproofing isn’t the solution, we’ll recommend someone who can help you in your wet basement repair. Give us a call today, and we’ll come to your home to check out your basement and give you a free estimate.