Beyond Basements Better Than Drywall?

Basement Remodeling: How is Beyond Basements better than drywall basement finishing systems?

First of all: We use fabric instead of drywall. And we know you might be a little puzzled about this. Isn’t drywall a common building material? Isn’t it stronger than fabric? Isn’t it better?

These are good questions, but you might be surprised by the answers. The fabric used in the Beyond Basements remodeling system is extremely strong — in most respects, as strong as drywall. Sure, it might tear if you drive a utility knife through it — but drywall could be damaged in the same way, and be more expensive to repair. Beyond Basements’ fabric wall systems resist scratches, dents, dings and smudges, so if you accidentally scrape the corner of a table against a wall while moving furniture, you won’t have to worry about a scratch.

But won’t drywall last longer than fabric? Not necessarily. Drywall has its strengths, but one of its biggest weaknesses is its composition. For one thing, it contains cellulose, which is a primary food source for things like termites and black mold. Fabric contains no cellulose, so it’s not vulnerable to the same degradation factors as drywall.

What about decorating? I can paint drywall and hang picture frames on it. Well, you can’t paint Beyond Basements fabric — but we’ll do you one better. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, and an ease of installation that’s unparalleled by almost any other building material, Beyond Basements fabric wall are the best choice for interior decoration. If you ever need to change the color of the room, simply replace the fabric — it’s that easy. And you can even hang pictures on it.

But I’m worried that a room with fabric walls won’t feel like a real room. Won’t I feel like I’m in an office cubicle? Not at all. The Beyond Basements remodeling system actually soundproofs walls better than drywall, absorbing close to 95 percent of sound on either side. So go ahead and blast that new surround sound system — the rest of the family won’t hear you upstairs. What’s more, Beyond Basements, all by itself, provides the same level of insulation as 14 sheets of plywood.

OK, you’ve convinced me that Beyond Basements is better than drywall. But what else do I get beside fabric walls? We’ll take care of everything: We stain the doorjambs and window frames, hook up cable and phone lines, perform soffit work, and do any other work that needs to be done.