Basement Finishing: Are You Comparing Apples to Oranges?

Basement Finishing: Are You Comparing Apples to Oranges?

We’ve all heard the old saw "comparing apples and oranges," right? But when you think about it, it’s not a very useful phrase. Generally intended to convey the impression of comparing two vastly disparate items, the phrase actually fails in a very basic way. Think about it: Apples and oranges are, overall, remarkably similar.

Both are seed-bearing fruits. They’re the same size. They’re both basically round. Both grow on trees and both are common and inexpensive. They’re different colors, but those colors are right next to each other on the spectrum of visible light. Both are delicious. Really, they couldn’t be similar in many more ways.

The same is the case with basement remodeling systems. With most methods of basement finishing (the task of preparing an unfinished basement for regular family use) you’re comparing apples and oranges; that is, you’re comparing methods that may seem different at first, but are, in the end, very similar. Most basement remodeling systems are a lot like most other basement remodeling systems.

But comparing most basement finishing methods to the Beyond Basements method is like comparing apples and bananas. Or apples and Toyotas. Or apples and 17th Century French literature. Really, you couldn’t get more different.

Rather than rebuild your basement with drywall — which can become a buffet for toxic mold spores if your basement ever floods, or even if it has a higher-than-normal level of moisture — Beyond Basements utilizes fabric walls over strong supports. Unlike drywall, the fabric used in the Beyond Basements finishing system contains no cellulose — black mold’s favorite food. But the differences don’t stop there.

Beyond Basements has a Class A fire rating on all materials. That’s the best fire protection you can buy. Drywall? it varies, depending on where it’s from.

Beyond Basements doesn’t create a chalky, dusty mess. Ever worked with drywall? It’s like clapping every eraser in every elementary school in the state of New Jersey.

Beyond Basements needs no painting nor caulking. It’s one of the simplest basement finishing systems out there. The fabric walls come in a variety of colors, and require no messy caulk.

Beyond Basements is removable and modular. Want a different color? Just install a new wall. It’s simpler than it sounds, and a heck of a lot simpler than mucking around with paint cans and primer.

Beyond Basements absorbs sounds. Thinking about building a home theater? Drywall will bounce the sounds around so your THX setup sounds D.O.A. But the Beyond Basements finishing system absorbs 95 percent of all sound, so the sound waves keep moving in one direction. What’s more, they’ll soundproof the room, so not everyone in the house has to listen to those silly Adam Sandler movies you like so much.

Beyond Basements doesn’t take long to install. Depending on the size of your basement, it could take as little as a day. Whereas remodeling with drywall is anyone’s guess.

Beyond Basements satisfies your green streak. All materials are recyclable.

At Rightway, we offer only the best in basement finishing solutions. We don’t take weeks messing around with drywall. We know you want the job done right, and you want it done fast. The Beyond Basements system takes care of everything. So just sit back and relax.