Why A Good Basement Waterproofing Company Is Worth The Money

Why A Good Basement Waterproofing Company Is Worth The Money

To many of us, home improvement may seem like a luxury during hard economic times. Fixing up the homestead might seem like an unnecessary perk – but sometimes the best way to ensure a valuable future is to spend some money today on the things that really matter — like your most important investment.

As we’ve learned over the past few years, the housing market can be fickle. Keeping your home in good working order is the best way to make sure its value is as high as possible. Hiring a quality basement waterproofing company to make sure your home has a dry basement is one way to keep your home’s value from sinking.

Here are three problems a good basement waterproofing company can help you solve:

Poor Construction

If the original workmanship or planning that went into building your home is faulty, a quality basement waterproofing company can address the problem. Problems here might include a poorly poured foundation, bad drainage, or bad window wells.

Settling From Age

But no matter how well your home is constructed, settling will occur in time. Settling refers to just that — the natural relaxation of your home over time. It’s not necessarily a bad thing overall, but sometimes settling can cause cracks to occur in your foundation. If your home is more than ten years old, having a qualified basement waterproofing company send a representative to check any cracks that may have developed in your foundation over the years.

Outside Water Pressure

If your foundation doesn’t have good drainage both inside and out, cracks can develop due to a process called hydrostatic pressure. If water collects on the outside of your walls with nowhere to drain, it can force itself through minuscule cracks in the foundation, making those cracks bigger.