When’s the Best Time to Waterproof a Basement?

the corner of a basement that has been dug up to be waterproofed

Is basement waterproofing necessary? Definitely. There is a wide range of benefits to safeguarding your home and keeping it dry, but knowing when to waterproof a basement is not easy. Let’s look at some of the factors that can influence when it’s best to waterproof a basement.

Water Leakage and Pooling

Knowing when to waterproof a basement is often a matter of identifying signs of leaking water. The longer water is allowed to leak and seep into the foundation of your home, the more damage it will cause to your basement. Here’s a look at three major signs that basement waterproofing is necessary for your home.

Pooling Water Puddles

Water puddles are a clear indicator that you should look into basement waterproofing. However, these puddles aren’t exclusive to your basement or even your home. For example, pooling water outside of your home can eventually seep into your basement if it does not drain properly. Any other water-related problems, like leaking pipes, can also harm your basement if it is not waterproofed.

Water Stains

Beyond obvious puddles and pools, water damage can take other forms that signify your basement needs waterproofing. One such sign is water stains, which occur when water seeps through the wall. These must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Bad Smells

Do you smell a musty odor in your basement? While bad basement smells can have multiple causes, like poor ventilation, it can also be a dead giveaway that you have a more serious problem.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew grow much more easily when in damp conditions, meaning that wet basements without waterproofing are the perfect environment for them to thrive. Apart from looking unappealing, mold growth can cause a variety of health issues, such as coughing, nausea, and more. That’s why if you find that your family has gotten sick for an unexplained reason, then mold spores can be the culprit. As a result, you’ll know when to waterproof a basement if you discover it’s been a breeding ground for harmful molds.

Time of Year

Knowing when to waterproof a basement isn’t just about when it’s necessary for your home, but the time of year that is best suited to perform the process. While many aspects of basement waterproofing, such as a sump pump system installation, can be completed throughout the year, some projects are a little harder because of the weather. For instance, it can be harder to waterproof the outside of your basement during the winter months because the frozen ground is harder to dig up because it has solidified. Although it is easier to dig up the ground around your basement when it has thawed, more homeowners will be calling for waterproofing services, and the professionals will be busier.

Ultimately, when to waterproof a basement is determined largely by the severity of the situation — even if it’s easier to complete the process during the spring or summer, you should never wait for any problems to worsen.

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