What Does Mold Removal Cost?

What Does Mold Removal Cost?

Wondering what cleaning up your black mold problem will cost? Wondering whether it’s worth the cost? Before you make your decision, you should know that black mold is one of those problems that gets more expensive the longer you ignore it. It can damage your home in ways that can be expensive to repair. Here’s how.


Concrete is a porous material, so it’s a great place for black mold to call home. Black mold likes to dig its way into the nooks and crannies in concrete, and as it grows and expands, it can cause serious damage to your foundation and any concrete supports your basement may have. If you allow black mold to advance, it can cause a heck of a lot of structural damage to your home — the cost of which is considerably more than any initial mold removal cost.


Wood is even more porous than concrete, and it’s softer, too. So black mold can absolutely destroy any wooden beams, supports or paneling you have in your basement. New wood is extremely expensive, and can’t simply be patched over like concrete — wood infested with black mold is wood that’s lost, and replacing it can be a complicated and costly affair.


Black mold won’t just destroy your carpeting, but also the padding beneath it. And if your basement floor is concrete — which it probably is — the black mold will continue to eat through that as well. And if black mold eats up a corner of your carpet, you really can’t simply replace that corner; you’ll have to replace the whole carpet.


The drywall in a finished basement is more vulnerable to black mold than many other places in the home, because basements attract more moisture. Replacing drywall can be a long, complex and expensive task.

Your Health

What price would you put on your health? Is it greater than the mold removal cost estimate you got from the contractor? Black mold can cause serious health problems, from severe headaches to respiratory ailments that cause patients to cough up blood. If you allow a black mold problem to progress too far, it’ll have serious health repercussions for your family and your pets.

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