Is Wetter Better?

Summer Time. Surfing selfies. Seashells by the sea shore. Sunscreen, sandals, and some serious seafood. Life is good. Not a care in the world. Well, almost.

Water is a great way to stay cool and hydrated in the heat, however, water can also be your biggest enemy when a storm sweeps the coast. If your basement is not waterproofed, serious damage can be caused by H2O.

Rightway Waterproofing is a seasoned Bucks County basement waterproofing operation that specializes in preventing flooding and mold growth. Before you mozy down to the beach with your buddies, make sure your home is protected.

Three Examples of When Wetter is Better:

1 – When you are Michael Phelps. He holds 22 Olympic swimming records and is only 31 years old. His swimming feats can make a barracuda jealous.

2 – When you go on Verruckt, the world’s tallest water slide is located in Kansas City, KS. The initial drop takes you down a 168 foot 7-inch structure before sending you down a thrilling 50-foot drop.

3 – When you can afford to drink Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani. The world’s most expensive bottled water comes in a 24-karat gold bottle and costs $60,000 for 750 milliliters.

Three Examples of When Wetter Isn’t Better:

1 – When a tropical storm (like Sandy) terrorizes the East Coast.

2 – When your basement is flooded to the point where it can double as a kiddy pool.

3 – When moisture builds up and causes toxic black mold which is particularly harmful to children and pets that get too close to it.

Try to Stay Dry

We are not just a Bucks County basement company. If your home experiences any type of water damage and needs mold remediation on any floor, we can help. We have over 20 years of experience, and we offer a lifetime guarantee to express our gratitude for your business. We are confident we have what it takes to keep your house dry and belongings safe.

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