The Top Benefits of a Finished Basement

Looking for basement finishing and waterproofing in New Jersey? We have you covered, wall to wall.

It may sound like a huge undertaking to replace your home’s concrete basement walls with the pristine fabric walls used with our Beyond BasementsTM finishing system, but when you recruit the professional services of Rightway Waterproofing, you’ll barely have to lift a finger. If you’re interested in finishing and waterproofing your basement, we can help. By making your basement flood proof, you can enjoy a beautiful tile or carpet floor, and an aesthetically pleasing space with smooth, even walls that are insulated from the cold and heat of the outdoors.

Here a few of the more significant benefits of employing Rightway Waterproofing for your basement finishing project.

Increased Storage Space

If your basement looks anything like ours, it is likely already devoted, in one way or another, to storing all of your excess stuff. So how does finishing it increase the available real estate so you can store even more stuff? If you’re storing things in an unfinished basement, you’re likely familiar with the process of putting things up on pallets and using a dehumidifier to manage the natural moisture of the basement. When you finish a basement with the Beyond BasementsTM finishing system, you can enjoy palletless, moisture-managed storage for all those precious Christmas and Halloween decorations. 

Additional Room

You usually can’t expand the footprint of your home, but you can certainly use what you have at hand and expand within. You can add a bathroom, bedroom, entertainment room, family room, and more when you finish your basement. Plus, if it’s built to act as a fully equipped living area, you can rent the new room out and earn passive income on your basement finishing investment. 

Increased Home Value

When you finish your basement, you drastically improve the value of your home, usually, by much more than the initial investment to have the basement finished to begin with. Having an additional living area in a house is very appealing to potential buyers who seek to maximize their space when looking for a new home.

Those are only a few of the more popular reasons for finishing a basement, so feel free to get creative with your basement finishing project. After all, it’s your underground fortress and no one else’s! For basement finishing and waterproofing in New Jersey, contact Rightway Waterproofing at 866-741-6190. To learn more about our services, continue to explore our site. Please fill out a contact form with any further questions or inquiries.