Seven Steps to Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Company

No doubt you’ve heard the ads on the radio and TV, giving you the seven simple steps to hire a waterproofing company. But be careful: The “consumer advocacy group” offering those tips might actually be a basement waterproofing company in disguise.

At Rightway Waterproofing, we’re basement waterproofing professionals with years of experience at keeping basements dry and mold-free. We don’t need to masquerade as something we’re not in order to get your business. In fact, we’ll even offer you our own list of seven steps to hiring a basement waterproofing contractor. We hope it’ll help you come to the conclusion that we’re the best company for you. But if not, that’s fine too — we’re not in the business of pulling the wool over your eyes.

So, without further ado, here are the REAL seven steps involve in hiring a top-grade basement waterproofing contractor:

1. Check with the local Better Business Bureau, and other consumer reporting agencies

Tried and tested consumer groups will be your best bet in building a list of potential contractors. At Right Way, we’re partial to Angie’s List, since we’ve won their Super Service Award for excellent customer reviews, but you should find the consumer reporting group that’s best for you. This will help you find a firm that not only fits your needs, but has performed well for others in the past.

2. Ask for references

Any basement waterproofing company worth its salt will have a list of former clients so satisfied, they’ve made themselves available as references for future clients. If a contractor isn’t willing to provide references, or keeps putting you off when you ask for them, it’s a good sign that not many people have been impressed with his work. Don’t begin any project without at least two or three satisfied references that you can confirm independently (in other words, make sure the contractor’s not just calling his sister-in-law).

3. Get a detailed estimate

Ask for line items. Make sure you know how much will be spent on each material, and how much time the contractor expects to spend on your project. Get a photocopy so you can compare the final bill with the original estimate. We won’t lie to you — occasionally, a project will go over budget. But if that happens, customers deserve a detailed and reasonable explanation as to why.

4. Be sure to see an up-to-date proof of general liability insurance

Do this to protect yourself. You don’t want to get sued if something goes wrong on the job. Nor do you want to get stuck with a hefty repair bill if your contractor damages your home. Get proof of insurance — then call his carrier to confirm that he’s covered.

5. Understand whether the contractor is giving you a guarantee or a warranty

A guarantee is an assurance that your contractor’s work will hold up; a warranty is a promise that, if a product or service doesn’t hold up within a certain period of time, you’re entitled to a replacement or a refund. At Right Way, we provide the best of both worlds. Our lifetime money-back guarantee protects your entire basement waterproofing system, including pumps, for as long as you own your home. And it’s transferable to a subsequent homeowner.

6. Beware of contractors that require unusually large deposits

Some contractors won’t ask for a deposit at all, and some will only ask for some nominal amount to make sure you’re serious about getting the job done. Usually, though, a deposit should fall somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of the total cost of the project. It may be more if you’re asking for a custom-made product, but this is very rare in basement waterproofing or mold remediation. If someone is asking for more than 20 percent without providing a very good reason (a reason, we might add, that you shouldn’t have to ask for), this may be a sign that he’s not on the up-and-up.

7. Beware of contractors that use scare tactics to intimidate you

Sometimes you need to get a basement waterproofing job done fast, lest you risk further damage to your home. But no problem is so urgent that you shouldn’t take some time to find the best contractor for the job. If someone is telling you that you should hire him right now or befall some horrible fate, keep moving. Chances are, your house won’t be swallowed into the earth if you take a day or so to find someone who’ll get the job done right.

So there they are: The seven real steps toward hiring a quality basement waterproofing contractor. This is your home you’re thinking of. It’s not a decision to make lightly, and it’s not a decision that someone else should make for you.

If you’re interested in learning more information about how the experienced professionals at Right Way Waterproofing can solve your problem, contact us using this form.

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John and Barbara Vicich

“We wanted to thank you for your personal and specialized attention to the water problem we had in our basement. You took the time to inspect the whole situation and gave us recommendations, all of which worked. You had a way of explaining the process and materials that would be used in a way that we understood. We are very pleased with the work that was done and would highly recommend your company to anyone.”

-John and Barbara Vicich

Debbie, Berwyn

“The day after Hurricane Irene, all of my neighbors basements were filled with water, while mine remained dry! It is wonderful, everything remains dry and the battery backup worked beautifully when my power was out for 2 days. Dry AND quiet, thank you, thank you! Thanks! Debbie, Berwyn”

-Debbie, Berwyn

Doug Smith, Glenside

“All I have to say is that Hurricane Irene was no match for the job that Rightway did for my basement and my father-in-law’s. I had my basement done 5 years ago and we are still bone dry and my father-inlaw’s was done last year and another dry basement… Great job! I highly recommend them for waterproofing and mold remediation.”

-Doug Smith, Glenside


“I’d highly recommend these guys for your basement. My basement has been dry since they installed a sump pump and French drain in June. They offer a competitive price, they get the job done quickly and they stand by their work. Please mention my name if you proceed down the road with these guys.”


Angelo and Sandra Patiri

“We had our basement waterproofed with Rightway Waterproofing in 2007, after all this time and just getting through Hurricane Irene, we did not get a drop of water in our basement. Rightway Waterproofing did a very good job and we are very satisfied!”

-Angelo and Sandra Patiri