Has the Recent Nor’easter Damaged Your Basement?

If you are like most homeowners in the eastern United States, there’s little doubt that you felt the impact of the most recent nor’easter storm, which brought high-speed winds and snow throughout New Jersey. While the storms may have passed by, the damage that they have caused might still be lurking in your home.

If you haven’t already, you should take a trip down to your basement and observe the points in which water may have entered during the unseasonably late nor’easter storm. You could be in need of mold cleanup services for your NJ home from our experts at Rightway Waterproofing Co.

Common points of entry for water include windows that aren’t secure and leaking pipes. One of the cornerstone characteristics of a nor’easter storm is strong winds, so you’ll want to check the molding around all of your basement windows to ensure that hinges or sills have not been damaged to the point that water can enter your home.

“What’s the big deal if a little water enters my home?” The truth is that water damage can cause serious and long-lasting damage to your property, and can cost you thousands of dollars if the issue is not treated as quickly as possible. Leaking and still water can damage the structural foundation of your basement, which can lead to your home becoming unsafe over time.

Additionally, a warm and moist basement provides the ideal habitat to stimulate mold growth, which can be both a hazard to anyone with allergies in your home. It can also pose a serious risk to the structure of the wood that makes up the frame of your basement.

If you’ve noticed that the nor’easter has left you with water damage, acting quickly to correct the issues that you’ve noticed is the most effective way to protect the investment that you’ve made in your home.

For a full assessment, give our team at Rightway Waterproofing Co. a call today at 866-741-6190. Our team will take a look at your basement and recommend the waterproofing or mold removal services necessary for your NJ home.