Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Basement Waterproofing?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Basement Waterproofing?

Think you know everything there is to know about basement waterproofing? Take Right Way’s quick basement waterproofing quiz and find out!

1. What kind of electrical device can help eliminate condensation on your basement walls?
a) Dehumidifier
b) French Drain
c) iBasement

2. What outdoor part of your home should be clean and free of debris at all times?
a) Rain gutters
b) Patio
c) Patio Furniture

3. How should the ground around your home slope for optimum basement waterproofing?
a) Away from your home
b) Toward your home
c) Perfectly level

4. What’s another name for a trench you can use to divert water away from your home?
a) Swale
b) Berm
c) French Drain

5. What’s the name for a raised area of ground that diverts water away from your home?
a) Berm
b) Window Well
c) Swale

6. How much should a basement waterproofing contractor charge for an estimate?
a) Nothing
b) $50
c) $100

7. What kind of insurance should your basement waterproofing contractor hold?
a) General Liability
b) Homeowner’s Insurance
c) Auto Insurance

8. What lies just below the perforated pipe in a French drain?
a) Gravel
b) Foam
c) Dirt

9. Who does a good basement waterproofing contractor never employ?
a) Subcontractors
b) An Attorney
c) An Insurance Representative

10. What’s the name for the physical process that causes basement cracks?
a) Hydrostatic Pressure
b) Electromagnetism
c) Heliocentrism

Now that you’ve finished, give yourself 5 points for every A, 3 points for every B, and 1 point for every C.
20 to 25 points: You’re a basement waterproofing genius. You wouldn’t happen to be looking for a job, would you?
11 to 19 points: You probably know more about basement waterproofing than most folks. But you could still stand to learn a bit more.
10 points or less: Hey, you did OK. But let us do the basement waterproofing.