Quiz: Are You Ready For That Basement Remodeling Project?

Quiz: Are You Ready For That Basement Remodeling Project?

Think you know everything there is to know about basement finishing? Take Right Way’s quick basement remodeling quiz and find out!

1. What should one of your first priorities be before beginning your basement remodeling project?
a) Waterproofing your basement to avoid leaks and condensation
b) Buying a new TV and video game system
c) Choosing carpeting

2. What’s unique about the Beyond Basements basement finishing system?
a) A fabric wall system
b) The colors of the walls
c) The types of nails and screws used

3. What kind of sound absorption does the Beyond Basements finishing system use?
a) Up to 95 percent
b) Up to 75 percent
c) Up to 50 percent

4. What’s one way to use your basement remodeling project to get a tax break?
a) Use energy-efficient materials
b) Wallpaper the new basement with old 1040-EZ forms
c) Have H&R Block put the drywall up

5. What’s another way to use your basement remodeling project to get a tax break?
a) Remodel your basement into a home office used strictly for income-generating work
b) Fill out all your tax forms in the basement once it’s remodeled
c) Model your basement after the local IRS office

6. What substance does drywall contain that black mold loves to eat?
a) Cellulose
b) Sawdust
c) Nougat

7. What fire rating does the Beyond Basements basement finishing system have?
a) Class A
b) Class B
c) Class C

8. Before beginning your basement remodeling project, what signs of a leaky basement should you look for?
a) Musty odors and dry rot
b) Increased humidity
c) A basement leak is always invisible to the naked eye

9. What’s one way to keep water from infiltrating your foundation once you’ve remodeled your basement?
a) Divert it away with a system of berms and swales
b) Put a giant umbrella over your house
c) Move to a dry location such as Arizona or New Mexico

10. What’s the name for a device that pumps accumulated rainwater away to keep your basement dry
a) Sump pump
b) French Drain
c) Window Well

Now that you’ve finished, give yourself 5 points for every A, 3 points for every B, and 1 point for every C.
20 to 25 points: You’re ready to remodel your basement. After it’s been waterproofed, of course.
11 to 19 points: You know more than the average homeowner, but you could still use some advice from the team of professionals at Right Way.
10 points or less: You’ve still got a bit to learn, but you’re not beyond hope. Give Rightway a call today!