Mold Remediation: What Is It and Why It’s Important

A professional mold remediation worker dressed in protective gear including mask sprays down a wall with cleaners. The wall is covered with black mold.

So long as there’s moisture and humidity, mold growth can become a problem in residential and commercial buildings alike. Should you need help addressing mold-contaminated areas, you’ll need mold remediation services! But, what is mold remediation?

Mold remediation is the collection of processes that are involved in curbing harmful mold growth, which professionals utilize when solving your mold problem. For more information, here’s an overview of mold remediation procedures and why it’s so essential for your home.

The Mold Remediation Process


The first step in a mold remediation service is the preliminary assessment. Experts from your mold remediation company will come to your property and conduct a thorough investigation to determine where mold growth is occurring; there may be mold in locations you’ve never considered. This procedure assists your company with finding the best angle to approach the remediation.


Once the preparations for remediation are complete, the professionals will begin by closing off the affected areas. Because the spores that mold produces move through the air, they may reach uninfected regions of your home while the cleaning occurs and grow elsewhere. The containment and ventilation of your home are done to prevent this from happening. They are accomplished by sealing up any openings using duct tape and other materials in addition to closing doors and windows.


Next, the mold remediation can truly begin. Depending on how thoroughly the mold has infected a surface in your house, it may need to be removed entirely and thrown out or just cleaned. Should that occur, anything that needs to be thrown out will be placed inside a sealed bag to prevent any spores from spreading. After the mold has been scrubbed away, the technicians will disinfect any affected furniture or surfaces by spraying a biocide or similar cleaning solution.

Preventative Measures

Upon finishing their cleaning, a remediation company will take steps to prevent the mold from becoming a problem again. First, they’ll address the direct source of the mold, such as unnatural or excessive humidity or moisture. For example, any broken plumbing will be repaired, as will anything else causing the accelerated mold growth, and the surfaces and structures that were removed due to mold also must be replaced during this time. The exact methods used will vary based on what the professionals handling the remediation think is best for the situation; some may consider encapsulating any unremoved mold using a special paint.

The Importance of Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is essential for many reasons. While molds themselves aren’t inherently poisonous, the toxins they produce may potentially be harmful to occupants. Additionally, mold spores can trigger allergic reactions in individuals who possess mold allergies, making them uncomfortable while in an area with a mold problem.

Mold can cause more than just health problems. As it breaks down organic matter, mold can cause severe structural damage that can be detrimental to both your safety and your wallet. Further, unsightly mold spots are unappealing to look at, and if you don’t like it, neither will any guests or homebuyers checking out your house.

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