Four Things a Man Cave Must Have

Since around the age of 15, every boy dreams of the day he his able to create his own man cave. A place where he can put his feet up to relax and usually a place where the kids are not allowed in. A place where one is safe to watch football in their boxers, eat an unhealthy amount of pizza and buffalo wings. But ultimately, a place to make home feel just a little more special.

Here are four things we feel that every man cave must have to be a proper man cave:

#4 Dart Board
Nothing beats going to the bar with your buddies and playing an excessive amount of darts. Oh wait, not having to leave the house to play an excessive amount of darts with your buddies does. The best part is you don’t have to spend anywhere near the amount of money to do so either. Having a dart board within the comfy confines of your home also gives you the advantage of being a very good dart thrower. Being able to head down to the basement for a quick game of 501 will help make you the best cricket player in your entourage.

#3 Entertainment System
Every man cave needs to be backed up with the power of a baller entertainment system. Don’t even consider yourself a real man unless your flat screen stretches at least 50’’. It doesn’t just stop at the tv either. If you want a tried and true man cave, you need to be rocking surround sound, the newest gaming system, every single sports package and a plethora of classic guy movies. Rocky, The Godfather, Scarface and Beerfest just to name a few.

#2 Seating Arrangements
You and none of your friends are going to want to spend time in your man cave if you don’t have comfortable recliners or a comfortable couch. A recliner is crucial to a man cave, but an extremely cozy couch can easily make up for a lack of one. If your seating arrangements aren’t comfortable enough for us to pass out on when we aren’t even tired, don’t even bother inviting us over. Step your couch game up son!

#1 Coffee Table
Having comfortable seating arrangements is pointless if your friends need to get up to place their beer or bowl of chips down somewhere else every time they’re done drinking or eating. It doesn’t have to be a coffee table that your wife picked out, which is most of the time unnecessarily expensive. You can get a coffee table designed by your favorite sports team or they even know have a coffee table that stores beer and keeps them cold and ready to drink at a moment’s notice.

These are just a small must-need items that you have to have to make your basement a certified man cave because it’s just a basement unless you have these four items.

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