Four Incredibly Useful Basement Waterproofing Products

Four Incredibly Useful Basement Waterproofing Products

Basement waterproofing isn’t easy. Because your basement is underground, it’s closer to the water table than any other area of your home. What’s more, water wants to drain into your basement — gravity wouldn’t have it any other way. But with the right preparation, you can be sure basement waterproofing isn’t an aspect of home ownership you’ll have to spend a lot of time worrying about.

Here are four products that will make your basement waterproofing anxieties disappear.

Waterproof paint

This isn’t a single fix — waterproof paint won’t protect your basement from a major flood or a burst pipe. But it can reduce the total amount of moisture in your basement, which can prevent mold growth and make your basement an overall more comfortable place to be.

French drains or drain tile systems

A French drain collects water from inside your basement and deposits it harmlessly outside into a designated retention area. It’s not so much a "product" per se, as much as it is a system your basement waterproofing contractor can install.

Baseboard drainage systems

These originated in the early 60s, and are a simple and effective method of basement waterproofing. Essentially, it’s a system of hollow baseboards that collect water from "weep holes" and channel it to a sump pump. This has the benefit of being cheaper than a sub-floor system.

Cavity drain systems

These might not work so well with a finished basement, but if you’re planning on using your basement only for storage or laundry, a cavity system will do fine. Simply put, it’s a pre-formed cavity in your basement, which collects groundwater and carries it away to a retention spot away from your home.