Beyond Basements vs Drywall

Beyond Basements Basement Finishing System vs. Drywall: Know the Facts

You might have a hard time figuring out whether the Beyond Basements system is the right basement finishing method for your home. Maybe you’re thinking about going with a more traditional drywall installation. That’s fair – drywall has been around for a lot longer than Beyond Basements.

But if you take a moment to compare the two, you’ll find that Beyond Basements is by far the superior basement finishing system. Take a look:

Which basement finishing system needs painting and caulking?

Here’s a hint: It’s not Beyond Basements. Since we use a unique fabric wall system in conjunction with a support frame bolted directly into your slab, you’ll never see the mess associated with paint and caulk. Our walls are easier to install, simpler to maintain, and less needful of repair.

Which basement finishing system has a shorter installation time?

Installing drywall isn’t the hardest job in the world – but it’s no picnic either. It’s heavy and dusty. It’s unwieldy and hard to lug from one place to another. Beyond Basements, on the other hand, is simple fabrics and frames – much simpler to install, resulting in less time spent remodeling your basement and more time enjoying it.

Which basement finishing system creates more dust and mess during construction?

Drywall is essentially pressed gypsum plaster. Installing it results in gypsum dust flying everywhere, not to mention hunks of cast-off drywall laying around. And many landfills no longer allow drywall dumping, making disposal a difficult – and environmentally risky – affair. Beyond Basements eschews drywall in favor of fabric and insulation – meaning there’s less mess to clean up.

Which basement finishing system has the highest insulation rating?

Drywall insulates fairly well – its insulation rating is usually about R-13, which is good. But Beyond Basements adds an additional R-4.5, for a total of R-17.5. That’s like having three sheets of Thinsulate in your walls.

Which basement finishing system attracts less mold and mildew?

Drywall is full of cellulose. The fabric and trim Right Way uses in the Beyond Basements finishing system has no cellulose at all. To black mold, cellulose is like a steak dinner with cheesecake for dessert. You do the math.

Which basement finishing system offers up to 95 percent sound absorption?

The Beyond Basements basement finishing system is perfect for home theatres. It absorbs sound rather than reflecting it like drywall, improving acoustics in your basement while keeping the noise out of other rooms in your home.

Which basement finishing system varies in quality depending on the contractor?

Rightway Waterproofing is an approved Beyond Basements contractor, meaning you can be assured of the highest quality basement finishing project. Other methods might be okay, but they don’t have the Beyond Basements name or the Beyond Basements lifetime limited warranty.

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