5 Ways to Transform Your Basement Into A Modern Woman or Man Cave

Don’t take your basement for granted. It’s more than a storage space. Whether it is finished and furnished or completely empty, there are simple steps you can take to transform your basement into an underground entertainment center.


Before you move furniture down there, it is important that you find the right basement waterproofing company around Philadelphia to avoid potential disasters. Here at Rightway Waterproofing, we take pride in protecting the belongings that you earned through hard work. Avoiding flooded basements means avoiding mold and mildew. Avoiding mold and mildew means avoiding unnecessary emergencies later. Keeping your basement water-free keeps your pockets full and your mindset positive.


Speaking of a positive mindset, here are five steps for turning your basement into an epic woman/man cave.


  1. Create a plan.  Think about the image you want to portray. Do you want a particular theme? Sports? Crafts? Movies? Also, make sure you draw an accurate blueprint with measurements to make sure the items you want in there will fit.

  2. Obtain furniture.  This is an important one. No matter the age of the basement dwellers, people are going to want to sit down and relax. If you have a lot of guests, maybe you need a couple of couches. If a lot of your guests are from out of town, maybe a pull-out sofa bed. Other furniture to consider include recliners, bean bag chairs, tables, and any other item that suits the theme you decided on.

  3. Add electronics.  If you are going to watch TV, movies, or sports, you are going to to need a television. If you plan on hosting dance parties, you’ll need speakers, a mp3 player, or maybe even a computer or karaoke machine. Electronics are expensive, which is more reason you want to waterproof your basement before buying anything.

  4. Waterproof your basement.  Technically this should be part of Step 1, and its goal is to protect the items from Steps 2 & 3. Rightway Waterproofing understands your needs and is happy to put their 20 years of expertise to use for any job. When it comes to basement waterproofing around Montgomery County, we are the most professional, high-quality, cost-effective solution in the region!

  5. Tell your friends.  Now that the hard part is done; it is time to show off your new and improved basement! Oh, and don’t forget to invite us!


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