4 Things You Should Never Find in Your Basement

Your home is your base. It’s your safe place – your comfort zone. Your home should be somewhere you and your family take pride in. From your rooftop to your basement’s bottom, every inch counts, and you should utilize your entire property.


With that being said, is your basement optimized? Whether it’s finished or not, there are some steps you can take to make it a habitable part of your home for visitors of any age. If you are in need of a basement waterproofing contractor in NJ, call Rightway Waterproofing. We take pride in safeguarding your potentially hazardous areas and will handle mold removal in Pennsylvania and Delaware (and of course New Jersey.)


After you waterproof your basement, there are many things you can furnish it with. These items include:

  • Couches / Seating
  • Television / Electronics
  • Games
  • Office / Work Space


There are also many things you should never find in your basement. Here are five examples:


  • Mold – We covered this earlier, but why? Mold doesn’t get talked as much as it should. It’s not just smelly and unsightly; it’s downright hazardous to your health. Best case scenario, over-exposure to mold results in allergic or side effects such as sneezing, rashes, and other cold-like symptoms. Worst case scenario, it can cause asthma attacks (to children, adults, and even pets.)

  • Bugs – Bugs can be an indicator that you have a water problem or a hole in the drywall. From silverfish and centipedes to spiders and roaches, bugs can be a big problem if no action is taken.  First impressions last a lifetime. Imagine having a coworker or romantic partner over for some darts and discovering a creepy crawler along the way. Not good!

  • Animals – Other than the garage, the basement is the most common way that animals infiltrate homes. Some common intruders found in basements include mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels. If you suspect there is an underground entry point, call 866-741-6190, and our team can see if any basement repairs are needed.


  • Water – This goes hand in hand with the others. Once there are leaks, the walls become less stable, and mold is more likely to grow. The more mold or mildew there is, the weaker the walls and the more intruders you’ll see. If you have a filtered spring water distributor, that is fine, but any other water that finds its way in should be addressed immediately.


To learn more about preventing water, mold, bugs, and animals in your cellar, call 866-741-6190 today.