2017-18 Sixers Season Recap

For better or worse, the Philadelphia 76ers have been one of the most polarizing teams in the NBA over the past five seasons. After Sam Hinkie took over control as general manager of the Sixers following the 2013 NBA season, losing started to become something familiar in a major basketball town. Met with heavy resistance from Sixers fans and highly controversial to basketball fans alike, Hinkie’s “process” was undoubtedly one of the most bizarre storylines in the sport.

The 2017-18 season was a bright spot for the Sixers. Their 52 wins, the first postseason appearance since 2012 and an impressive end to the regular season were certainly reasons to get up and cheer. However, we did feel some growing pains of such a young basketball team.

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In this month’s blog, we’re going to highlight some of the things that stuck out to us this past season.

Talented Team

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid look to the best young duo this league has ever seen. After only playing 30-some odd games in his third NBA season, Embiid has proven to be talked about as one of the best big men in the league.

After sitting out the entire 2016-17 season with a foot injury, Ben Simmons looked like a grizzled veteran during his freshman campaign. Racking up a cool 16/8/8 stat line this past season, Simmons and another rookie phenom Donovan Mitchell put together one of the best ROTY contests the league has ever seen.

While it can be difficult to keep great teams together in any sports, don’t expect to see Simmons and Embiid parting ways with the team anytime soon.

Just Not There Yet

Despite being in the top of the rankings in both offense and defense, Brett Brown’s Sixers still showed the results of a very young, undisciplined team. Leading the league in turnovers and the constant inability to close out games made for a rollercoaster of ups and downs for the fans.

The good news is that Sixers front office, led by general manager Bryan Colangelo, has a lot of money to throw at interested free agents. With just a few changes to the team’s current salary commitments, Colangelo could very possibly find himself with the ability to take on two max contracts.

Coming off one of the best offseasons the league has seen in quite some time last year, this years summer could very well top it. With the likes of Lebron James, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard all possibly being on the move this summer, July is sure to be exciting for the NBA.

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